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Or moss on their trunks. Unfortunately, I knew this. Last years extremely wet spring and summer kept the pot too wet and fed the moss plenty of moisture, add that to a busy schedule and you have a recipe for disaster. Moss crept up the trunk and rotted the bark and the extra wet soil caused the roots to rot and those that lived struggled. I repotted today and used a less water retentive soil, hopefully I can make some lemonade.

This is the tree in question, it should be a deep green and loaded with flowers now.
Actually, the soil is so bad, the weeds won't even flourish in it. Here is the trunk, and some moss, I cleaned it off several times last year, but it kept coming back. Not only did it damage the trunk, my super nice roots on the surface died too.

Here are the roots, or what little there is of them, the pot should be filled with them, instead there is very weak growth.
I potted it up in a less water retentive soil so hopefully it will recover, stay tuned.
So, the moral of the story is, no moss on the trunk and keep it damp but not soaking wet all the time.
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